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This is one if the most hilarious submissions that I have E.V.E.R seen!!! I was laughing so hard that I think I may have coughed up something important!! I love the swedish people as well! You are a great man in your craft!

Its been done...

...and its been done better


U fucking rule!!! This is some funny shit! XD! ACOONAMATATA EEEEK! XD! THE RODENTS TRIPPED OVER THE BANANA AND THEN DIED XD!!! U R GENIUS LOL! I loved every moment of it, MAKE MORE! I envy you and now I will try and make my flash movies as awsome as yours because you are the master! =P

Big-Boss-Man responds:

I stopped making mobies. I havn't got enough time and most of the time, I don't want to make movies. I've got so much unfinished movies... I'm gonna finish one movie soon.
When I see people who like my work, I really want to make more!


...Somebody needs a hug!


I must commend you, this was an incredibly awsome flash movie of awsomeness with awsomeness on top with a side of awsomeness. The animation was excellent, as well as the graphics. The plot is very interesting also. Never have I had so much fun watching sprites senselessly kick each other's asses. I cannot wait for the next movie in this series (Shadow = KICKASSEDNESSOFDOOM)! This is the best flash/sprite movies on newgrounds that I have seen! You have heaping loads of talent, keep up the good work!!!

LgdVegetto responds:

Thx, always glad to have your support as a fan.... :)



Complete shit

This was an incredibly awful flash movie. It was so fucking boring that I almost stopped watching it halfway through. There is only one thing good about this movie and that is the graphics. What is the point of having good graphics when every other aspect is terrible!? The plot was very boring and uncreative. The voice acting could have been better. The characters were rather lame and uninteresting. This movie could have been a lot better if you had spent less time on the graphics and more time on everything else. When you make the next movie in this series, please make it interesting or it is just a waste of time and effort.

Realmguys responds:

You gave us a 0? Coming from you? Man I checked out your flash projects, and they ACTUALLY deserve 0's. Grow up and buy some talent dude.

One word: CRAP!

This was a total peice of shit. The plot was terrible and so were the graphics. This has no action at all and was not even remotely amusing. I literally would have more fun scratching my balls with sand paper! I see that this is your first flash movie though, so I guess it would be expected that this would be complete crap...on the other hand, you have the grammar of an 8 year old. I find this a little odd considering in your profile it says you are 19...WHAT!? I don't know what that is all about...I also checked out your other console all stars movies...more crap. Put some fucking effort into your movies damnit! >.<

Could have been much better

The graphics were awful, and so was the animation and pretty much everything else except the music. A little advice for you: Use motion tweens instead of frame by frame. Motion tweens are there for a reason.

Susil responds:

I don't want to have to explain to everyone that I didn't know hwo to use them properly but now I do. I have gotten a lot better. You guys don't know how to give a new guy a break, do you?

I'm speechless...

To damn good for words to tell...


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